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  • About the book:

    Dark, disturbing dreams could be considered normal for a fifteen year old girl who has lost both of her parents, but Tabitha Hale is anything but normal. She believes she is all alone in the world, except for her cat, Ivy, and her best friend, Emma, and is shocked to discover the existence of a grandmother she never knew about. Determined to meet her grandmother and uncover the truth of her parents' deaths, she leaves the only home she's ever known behind. Along the way, she discovers great friends and a greater enemy on a dangerous journey of self-discovery which will end where it started … in her dreams.

    You can purchase book one of the Tabitha Hale Saga, 'A Perception of Dreams' in The Tabitha Hale Saga Online Store.

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    About the author:

    Andrea Gerber is a mommy and wife by day and a novelist by night. She is the keeper of cheerios and welder of words. She strongly believes in telling a story that will not only uplift and encourage her readers, but also help them to realize the difference between what is easy and what is right; what is good and what is evil.

    Andrea began working on The Tabitha Hale Saga in December of 2008 after she awoke from a dream. As she grew more in love with the characters and their stories, her writing turned into much more than just a hobby. After Andrea finished the second book in the series she began searching for representation. In spring of 2011, she acquired an agent, but what she hoped would be a long, fruitful relationship came to an abrupt end when her agent passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2013. Andrea is grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity and, after a break in writing to process everything, is now publishing her own books to gain a greater fan base. She looks forward to finding a new agent in the near future.

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