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A New Chapter

  • Tuesday, January 28, 2014
  • Andrea
  • Well, I did it. Yesterday I began sending out query letters to a fresh batch of agents for the first time since Pauline died.

    If you have no idea what a query letter is, it's basically like sending out your resume to prospective employers. I have a couple of databases I search through that contain agent's names. I go through and click on each name and carefully read what each person requires in their query letter, what books they represent/enjoy reading, and their bios. Every person is different in what they require which makes it time consuming to go through them all and change my letter to their preferences. When reading through it all, I carefully consider if that person will not only be a good match for promoting my book, but also a good match in promoting me. I try to make sure we have similar interests, beliefs, and goals.

     It took me ten months to finally feel it was time to start over again. Interestingly enough, I feel really good about 'moving on'. I'm thankful for the time, however brief it was, that Pauline was in my life. She was such an influential part in helping me decide to self publish. Her firm belief in my series and wonderful encouragement to keep going no matter what happens is such a precious reminder to me as I push through the 'query process' all over again.

    It's exciting to wake up each morning and check my email even if the agent is not interested in my work. Each 'no' I receive only means that I didn't find the match. If there's anything I've learned through the last agent search I went through it's that the right person will come along at exactly the right time and no sooner.

    As wonderful and influential as Pauline was, I'm greatly looking forward to meeting the person that I will not only work with, but become friends with.



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